Journal Articles (English)

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Presentations in International meeting

  1. Matsui M, Nakagawa M, Katagiri M, Hoshino T: Brain activity in cognitive conflict using face expression stimuli: A study of near-infrared spectroscopy. International Neuropsychological Society 42nd Annual Meeting, 2014, 2, 12-15, Seattle.
  2. Ohmiya H, Yamashita K, Miyata T, Hatakeyama Y, Yambe K, Matsumoto I, Matsui M, Toyomaki A, Denda K: A practical study on cognitive remediation therapy (CRT) using the frontal/executive program (FEP) for patients with schizophrenia. XVI World Congress of Psychiatry, 2014, 9, 14-18, Madrid, Spain.