Welcome to the Laboratory of Neuropsychology at the Kanazawa University

We conduct neuropsychological research on psychiatric and neurological diseases, brain imaging study, and basic study of cognitive science and clinical neuropsychology. In other words, clinical research on diagnosis and various therapeutic and preventive interventions are conducted by approach of clinical psychology or neuropsychology. In addition, we conduct fundamental research on cognitive psychology, neuropsychology and cognitive science on the relationship between human brain and memory, perception, thought, language, personality, the relation between brain and cognitive function and development, gender and age. The keywords are frontal lobe function, memory, social cognition. With the following specific support, clinical neuropsychological research based on clinical practice and basic research such as cognitive neuroscience aiming at clinical use are carried out.
1.Neuropsychological study on higher brain dysfunction
2.Improvement of cognitive function and neuroplasticity of neuropsychiatric disorders
3.Lifelong development of brain function / cognitive function

Our laboratory welcomes graduate students (master’s and doctoral students) and researchers who are interested in clarifying the mechanism of human cognition and the relationship between brain and mind.
In addition, we collaborate with university affiliated hospitals and conduct clinical training and education for graduate students, trainees etc. We aim to cultivate expertise in neuropsychology.